Welcome to our E-Waste Challenge!

Globally, less than 15% of E-Waste is recycled every year.

I believe that with your help, we can change that.

Collecting E-waste isn't sexy or exciting so I have a giveaway to offer you:

For the first 1000 people who recycle their electronic waste, I will send you a limited edition postcard* signed by every person who participated in the project!

* I'm using Paper Culture to print these because they use water-based inks, recycled paper and offset their carbon footprint by planting new trees!

Here's what you have to do:

Take a photo with it, and post it online! Tell the world to  #RethinkRecycleRevive

Search and collect E-Waste lying around your house

Recycle at or at your local recycler.


Changing the world is about more than just doing the right thing.

It's also about broadcasting your message to the world. 

So I have another offer for you...

About This Project:

Dell and I recently teamed up with a bunch of volunteers to create a series of structures to encourage everyone to rethink electronic waste. 

Although they have some great programs in place to recycle electronic waste and transform them into new computer parts, one of the greatest challenges is getting people to recycle in the first place. 

Our hope is that these photographs can be used to strike up conversation and action. 

Although the photoshoot is over, the campaign for change has just begun. 

Join us as we challenge others to rethink and recycle so that Dell can revive our old electronics. 


- What happened to the sculptures after they were made?

They were all torn down and put back into the recycling machine!

- How did this project come to life?

At SXSW last year, I had the opportunity to connect with Sarah who work on Dell's Corporate Social Responsibility team. She saw my work and decided to take a chance on me - the rest is history!

- I want to see more! Where can I learn more about this project? 

You can learn more about the adventure on my blog

- I want to buy a print! where can I pick one up?

Unfortunately they're not for sale... but please participate in our giveaway!

- My country is not supported by Dell's Global Recycling program but I've donated my E-waste somewhere else. Can I still receive a postcard? 

Yes! Absolutely! As long as you're in the first 1000!

- I've shared and donated! Is there anything else I can do to help out?

I'm accepting donations to help me cover the printing/shipping costs of the postcards and prints. I'm also hunting for more media coverage! Email:

- Dell is doing some amazing work! Where can I read more about the recycling work that they do?

You can read up more here:

- How can I be a volunteer on your next project?

Make sure to join my Telegram group where I broadcast my every move!

Don't be left behind ! 

We're already making a difference: 




Questions? Press? Send me an email: